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The Christmas Haus

Having owned a business in Adams County for 16 years, I was excited at the possibility of purchasing some property in Gettysburg so we could expand. One of the best resources for me to learn the “ins and outs” of Gettysburg’s political and regulatory playing field was Main Street Gettysburg. Their positive view of working with the various entities in town made my decision to expand a much easier one. I was introduced to many of the agencies by President Deb Adamik and that made it much easier to start and maintain the relationships that have blossomed over time. Anyone thinking of investing in Gettysburg should make Main Street Gettysburg their first stop.
As I’ve settled in, I am now seeing an even bigger picture of what Main Street Gettysburg does. They are truly the economic development arm of the borough and, working with citizens and businesses, have the longterm vision necessary to see what “can be” in Gettysburg. At this moment they are working on the improvement of Baltimore Street and appear to be working tirelessly at laying out the steps for this much needed project. From public presentations to workshops with impacted businesses to juggling the grant writing process, it seems hard to believe this is only a 2 person staff. 

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Gettysburg is very important to all of Adams County.  Few people travel here or live around here without experiencing the history, the services, and the unique attractions of this special town.  In a real sense the main streets of the county’s communities flow into the main streets of Gettysburg.  We all have a stake in this ‘Historic Crossroads of Adams County.'

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Lincoln Into Art

Gettysburg’s Baltimore Street—I am hard pressed to think of another street in America (or maybe even the world) that offers residents and visitors such a rare and exciting experience. From its profound role in the Underground Railroad, to it’s role in the Battle of Gettysburg, to President Lincoln’s visit in 1863, to other Presidential visits—Baltimore Street encapsulates America’s ever-continuing story of courage, liberty, and equality.
It is also time to bring a new light to Baltimore Street so that all the world, yes the world, can experience its rare, exciting, and significant civilian stories. Baltimore Street deserves a more distinguished streetscape. It is a splendid connection from the Square to Steinwehr Avenue, from the Wills House to the Soldier’s National Cemetery and it needs an upgrade. Baltimore Street a living museum.

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Main Street Gettysburg has been a catalyst of progress who have challenged the status quo for the borough of Gettysburg, property owners and business owners. With the success of the improvements on Steinwehr Ave, they’ve shown what we can all do together when we put our heart and hard work behind it. The Baltimore Street Revitalization Plan has the businesses and residents of Baltimore Street humming with excitement at the thought of having the updated streetscape. The prospect of this plan coming to fruition has already forced property owners and businesses to a take a hard look at their own properties and begin investing in the beautification in anticipation of the planned changes. Much like on Steinwehr Ave, the investment is certain to be contagious and Baltimore Street will truly awe and inspire those who choose to explore one of the most famous streets in America. Without the leadership and vision of Main Street Gettysburg the plan we all hope to achieve for our community would be impossible.