Adams County Winery
25 Chambersburg Street

Blue & Gray Bar & Grill
2 Baltimore Street

Chinatown Kitchen
25 York Street

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
230 Steinwehr Avenue

Ernie's Texas Lunch
58 Chambersburg Street

Food 101
101 Chambersburg Street

General Pickett's Buffet
571 Steinwehr Avenue

Hauser Estate Winery
19 Lincoln Square

Kentucky Fried Chicken
539 Steinwehr Avenue

Li's Buffet
165 York Street

517 Steinwehr Avenue

O'Rorke's Family Eatery
44 Steinwehr Avenue

The Pub
20 Lincoln Square

Reid's Winery and Cider House
400 Baltimore Street

Sunset Ice Cream Parlor
33 Steinwehr Avenue

Thai Classic Restaurant                         51 Chambersburg Street

Appalachian Brewing Company
259 Steinwehr Avenue

Buddy Boy Winery
777 Baltimore Street

Christine's Cafe
48 Baltimore Street

Dobbin House Tavern
89 Steinwehr Avenue

Farnsworth House Inn
401 Baltimore Street

445 Steinwehr Avenue

Gettysburg Baking Company
17 Lincoln Square

Knob Hall Winery
100 Chambersburg Street

Mamma Ventura
13 Chambersburg Street

Mr. G's
404 Baltimore Street

The Parrot
35 Chambersburg Street

Ragged Edge Coffee House
110 Chambersburg Street

Reliance Mine Saloon
380 Steinwehr Avenue

Tastie Teas
777 Baltimore Street

Tommy's Pizza
105 Steinwehr Avenue

Battlefield Brew Works Taproom
62 Chambersburg Street

Cannon Ball Malt Shop
11 York Street

Cone Sweet Cone
433 Baltimore Street

The Flying Bull Saloon
28 Carlisle Street

Garryowen Irish Pub
126 Chambersburg Street

Gettysburg Eddie's
217 Steinwehr Avenue

25 Carlisle Street

Lincoln Diner
32 Carlisle Street

May's Avenue Restaurant
21 Steinwehr Avenue

One Lincoln
1 Lincoln Square

Ping's Cafe
34 Baltimore Street

Ragged Edge Eighty-Two Cafe
82 Steinwehr Avenue

Rita's Italian Ice
523 Baltimore Street

Tattered Flag Tap Room
45 Steinwehr Avenue

The Ugly Mug Cafe
168 Carlisle Street