Polish Pottery Bingo 2018 Kicks off $11 million Campaign

Save the date!  February 10th for a fun “Polish Pottery Bingo” fundraiser at the Gettysburg Fire Hall. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. with Bingo games starting at 7:00 p.m.  Free parking, BYOB, and delicious food.  Tickets are $15 and “pre-purchase” is preferred.  Contact Main Street Gettysburg at 717-337-3491 or info@mainstreetgettysburg.org or purchase them directly at the Gettysburg Polish Pottery store, 102 Baltimore Street.  This will be the first of many fundraising initiatives and grants to raise $11 million toward a whole new look for Baltimore Street.

Raising $11 million dollars usually raises some eyebrows because it sounds impossible but the Baltimore Street District businesses, community and Main Street Gettysburg are up for the task.  Just look at the successful $7.5 million revitalization project completed on Steinwehr Avenue.    It is possible.

In 2016, Main Street Gettysburg gathered a small group of Baltimore Street businesses and residents to spearhead an economic revitalization initiative.  The purpose was to improve the economy, create jobs, and enhance the quality of life within the Baltimore Street District.  From a broader community perspective, the objective was to build upon the success of the Steinwehr Revitalization Project and improve Baltimore Street so it would connect the Lincoln Square and Steinwehr Avenue commercial areas of Gettysburg in a way that would attract more residents, businesses and patrons/visitors to downtown.

Once the Baltimore Street community started working together, they agreed that the specific objectives of the economic plan should capture and showcase the history, stories, beauty, culture, arts and authenticity specific to the Baltimore Street District.  They want to creatively blend the nationally recognized history of this street, with the 21st century amenities.  Additional objectives are to balance and incorporate the “green” approach with technology, more restaurants, artistic creativity and historic authenticity.

More than $60,000 has already been raised to pay for some new lighting on one block, and the services of C.S. Davidson to oversee and create a comprehensive Master Plan by year-end 2017.   With the Baltimore Street Community’s commitment, this goal was achieved.  The planning process involved more than 80 community residents, businesses and stakeholders who wanted to make Baltimore Street more pedestrian friendly, safer and attractive for the community to enjoy, as well as visitors.

MSG works with Steinwehr Avenue as this area of town continues to attract more businesses and investments daily.   Using Steinwehr as a model, Main Street Gettysburg will be applying the many lessons learned as they embark on grant funding for the $11 million project goal.  The task of seeking this level of funding is complicated and involves many hours of research, relationship building, schedule and contract coordination, and just plain luck!  Once approved by the Borough Council, MSG will be focused on finding these grant opportunities in 2018 with the newly documented Master Plan necessary for any grant.

So please help us take the first steps to achieve our goal.  Invite a group of friends and family to a fun night out and buy some  bingo tickets for the Saturday night, February 10th event.  Another way that you can help is to become a sponsor of the event.  Contact Annie Letendre for more information.