Let’s bring everyone to the table.

This sentiment has become Main Street Gettysburg’s theme for 2019, either in practice or the actual theme of a newly announced fundraiser in October, “The Long, Long, Long, Long Dinner Party.”

On June 11, Main Street Gettysburg (MSG) hosted their annual breakfast meeting to provide an executive update on the progress of the $11 million Baltimore Street Historic Pathway Revitalization Project to major leaders and decision makers necessary to achieve this community-wide project.  This economic and historic revitalization project will not just improve the area’s economic health, but improve the downtown’s safety, infrastructure and quality of living for the entire community.

MSG brought approximately 54 people to the table from federal representatives such as Larissa Bailey, Pat Toomey’s representative, state representatives Dan Moul, and Catherine Wallen for Representative Ecker.  DCED’s Deputy Secretary for Community Affairs and Development, Rick Vilello provided closing remarks.  “Last year I attended this meeting and was given a tour of Baltimore Street.  I heard ‘We hope to raise $11 million for the Baltimore Street Project, and today, after hearing the progress and hard work that this community has invested in just a year, I am here to say, you WILL raise the funding necessary to complete this project.  It will not be easy, but I will do what I can to help.”

To date, there has been more than $98K raised through grants, donations, and fundraising events for various facets of the project.  Troy Truax, Sr. Associate at Michael Baker International was the guest speaker and outlined the complicated, but doable strategy for seeking public funding.  He pointed out that bringing everyone to the table this morning, sets the “table” for future success. 

But the community needs to raise a targeted goal of $500,000 for match money.  So how are we going to do that?  Where do we start?

Wendy Allen, owner of Lincoln Into Art, had an outrageous idea.  “Let’s bring everyone to the table,” literally.  I know that hosting The Long, Long, Long Long Dinner Party is a bold concept for fundraising, but downtown Gettysburg and its people deserve this.”   On October 4th, from 5 to 8 p.m., the event will invite the entire community to come together at a dinner table that will stretch down the middle of a blocked-off Baltimore Street, all the way from Lincoln Square to South Street - a distance of four blocks.

A donation of $15 will provide you a seat at the community table.  Guests can purchase their meals from a variety of food trucks and area restaurants; or they can bring their own potluck dinners from home.  A spirits tent will be set up on Lincoln Square.  This is an open-air fundraising party, with entertainment and surprises, the whole town can enjoy with their families, friends and neighbors. 

To keep individual ticket prices affordable at $15 and to reach our fundraising goal of $20,000, we need your help to subsidize necessary extras that will make this event safe and successful.  For Corporate/Business Event Sponsorships and to purchase your seat at the table, please go to the website or call 717-337-3491. 

On the evening of the dinner, Gettysburg will be hosting many people in town.  MSG challenges everyone to show how our town can “come to the table” as a proud and unified community.