Calling all Chefs, Food Preparers, & Cooks! We need you!

Where there is food, there are people gathering.   As many of you already know, Main Street Gettysburg’s incredible community volunteers and leaders are planning two VERY important events and food is a major ingredient for both of them.

The Long, Long, Long, Long Dinner, Friday evening, October 4th from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. is a fundraiser for the Revitalization of Baltimore Street Project.  This project makes the pathway that Lincoln walked more safe, attractive and more pedestrian friendly, while also showcasing the stories and character of our town.   On October 4, Baltimore Street will be closed to traffic from Lincoln Square to South Street and have 1,200 seats at tables lining the center of Baltimore Street.    A $15 ticket buys you a seat at this special table, and a wonderful night of entertainment and fellowship,” breaking bread” with your neighbors and guests in town.   We currently have more than 400 tickets sold.   However, we need food to make this experience special. 

Anyone joining in on the fun can bring their own pot-luck dinner to enjoy with the community.  We are also contacting local restaurants and encouraging them to offer a few special take-out menu items that can be ordered ahead of time.  This would be a great way to promote the restaurant’s special food at a take-out price.  If you are a restaurant and you are interested in participating, please email Wendy Allen at so we can post your special take-out menu for that evening on the Long, Long, Long, Long Dinner website.

In addition to the Long, Long, Long, Long Dinner between 5:00p.m. and 8:00 p.m., there are many other events and activities going on that evening in downtown.  It is Pennsylvania Municipal League’s Conference, Gettysburg High School’s Homecoming, Home Coming for Gettysburg College and Apple Harvest weekend.  We expect to have all the restaurants full in addition to opportunities for vendors on the street.  If you are a vendor, please contact

As a community-driven event and fundraiser, we also invite any of the churches and organizations that do food events to join in.  If your church or organization would like to offer a meal or portions of a meal such as soup, or sandwiches, etc. and take part in this community event, please contact  Tim Woodward at

Once our bellies are full from the Long, Long, Long, Long Dinner, we can’t rest on our laurels.  The Gettysburg Christmas Festival will be December 6. 7. And 8th.  As you remember, last year the restaurants were slammed with two- hour waits.   We need more food opportunities to be able to host the large crowds that we expect to return this year.  Baltimore Street will be closed and one side of it will be for vendors, crafters and downtown pop-up merchant sponsors.  If anyone would like to participate in offering food for our Gettysburg Christmas Festival guests and community, please go to our website and check the vendor tab for information. 

We are Gettysburg!  We are proud of our community and want to share the fun and history with our neighbors and our visitors.